Working with job seekers

For us, it’s about getting the right person in the right job, every time. So, when you’re ready to move on, we can make sure you go in the right direction.

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Working with job seekers

Starting out

The good thing about starting your career with us is that you have a lifetime of opportunities in front of you. It’s important to decide what type of work you’re looking for to make sure your search is as accurate as possible. Consider the following types of work; permanent, temping, contracting, internships, apprenticeships, graduate schemes and volunteering.

Try not to be too overwhelmed. With a lot of careful planning, you can have a career you love. Put a lot of thought into your occupation choice and you’ll be rewarded with a career that is both fulfilling and successful.

If you know what you want to focus on such as IT, Administration, HR or sales, then explore our entry-level roles in Adecco, Office Angels, Spring Personnel.

Find your next job

When you’ve been in work for more than a few years you’ll want to consider the next stage of your career. Think about the qualities of a job that drive you including money, professional development, work environment, specialism, and benefits and search for the jobs that match your criteria.

You should also spend some time considering who you want to work for which will help narrow your search, whether it’s a large company, a small company, a well known brand, a company who has training opportunities or a business that has the right company culture.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for in your next role, you can start searching for our jobs in Badenoch & Clark, Computer People and Roevin.

Moving up the career ladder

It used to be that people progressed along specific career paths during their careers but things have changed. You need to create and manage your own career path through one or multiple organisations.

Whether you’d like to progress by getting a promotion, by moving to a more senior job in a different organisation or by changing direction completely, it’s well worth thinking about how to build up the relevant skills and experience. This may be a perfect time to try consulting to build your skills base.

Badenoch & Clark, Modis and Spring Technology can all help you get that next permanent or temporary job to keep work interesting and keep you motivated.

Reaching the peak of your career

You may have reached a point where you have spent many years working in an area you enjoy and now have many years of experience under your belt. Is your dream to become a CEO, HR Director or a Financial Director?

We can help you reach the peak of your career and get that dream role you’ve always wanted. Check out roles at Modis and Badenoch & Clark to help reach the pinnacle of your career.

Downshifting or changing your lifestyle

Changing jobs, industries or sectors can be a difficult experience if you don’t know where to start. As with every challenge you’re faced with on your journey to career success, we’re here to help. Many people change careers to learn new skills, gain new prospects or make a bit more money, but you might also want to work part-time or in an area that gives you more job satisfaction such as charity.

Whatever your reasons, Office Angels and Adecco are always available to help you find a job that suits your lifestyle.