Upcoming Events in 2016

New UK tax rules in 2016 

Adecco Group is hosting a series of free events to help guide employers through the changing regulatory landscape.

Upcoming Events

We’ll be hosting a panel event debating the effect that free movement across Europe has had on UK employers’ abilities to secure the best talent and the potential consequences for employers of leaving the EU.

Event details: 

Tuesday 13th September 2016, AM

Millennium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill, London, EC4V 4BG

To register for your place please contact Michael.Lang@adecco.co.uk

Past Events

In May we hosted in partnership with The Social Market Foundation, an expert panel debate concerning the EU Referendum. View the outputs of the events here.

For information about Adecco Group’s forthcoming events please email Gavin.Barnes@adecco.co.uk