The new going rate: the National Living Wage

New National Living Wage 

What are the changes?

A ‘National Living Wage’ came into force in April 2016, introducing a premium that must be paid on top of the National Minimum Wage for all workers aged 25 and over.

The National Living Wage is set at £7.20 in 2016, rising to over £9 by 2020, as part of an attempt to ‘move from a low wage, high tax, high welfare society to a higher wage, lower tax, lower welfare society’ (HM Treasury, Budget, July 2015). A reduction in Corporation Tax was announced and framed as a source of saving that could help organisations pay for the additional labour costs.

What impact might the National Living Wage have on the UK labour market?

The best case scenario is that organisations may adopt new processes and improve productivity in tandem with paying higher wages. The crucial determinant will be how organisations respond.

Positive strategies could include investment in workforce skills, alongside new job design and team formations.

Are you ready for the changes?

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Toolkit for Employers and Workers

NLW Whitepaper 2016

The new going rate: The impact of the National Living Wage on UK employers.

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Executive Summary

Read our Executive Summary for an overview of the legislation and who is affected.

ADG NLW 2016 - Executive Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidance for workers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Data Insight Pack

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New report on National Living Wage - Business Investments at Risk

Past Event

In partnership with the Social Market Foundation, Adecco Group hosted a roundtable event in February bringing together businesses, regulators, senior HR professionals, and other experts, to launch our new research findings and discuss how organisations can respond to the National Living Wage.