Labour Party challenge Paper Response


Having called on the Coalition Government last year to take immediate action to find solutions to increase the competitiveness of the UK workforce as part of our Unlocking Britain’s Potential Campaign, Adecco Group is continuing to engage with all the main political parties as they begin to formulate their manifestos ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Since we began Unlocking Britain’s Potential (UBP), we have been clear that there is an urgent need for cross-party consensus around these issues in order to deliver effective long-term solutions.

Most recently Adecco Group responded to the Labour Party policy review on issues around vocational education, apprenticeships and the role of job guarantees in tackling youth unemployment.

In this response we shared the recommendations and insights we received from business leaders, educators and employers as part of our UBP campaign, as the Labour Party looks to begin setting out the policies it will take into the next election.

We will continue to share our thoughts with the other parties as they begin their policy processes, urging politicians of all stripes to find collaborative solutions with employers and educators.

Please download our response.