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Education must focus on creating work-ready skills

Education must focus on creating work-ready skills

Peter Searle, Adecco Group CEO comments on today’s GCSE results and the need to build school leavers’ employabililty skills:

“Young people work incredibly hard to gain strong GCSE results and should be proud of their achievement today. However, while Britain has one of the best and most advanced education systems in the world it must also be sure to deliver a talented and reliable workforce that can bring lasting value to the UK economy."

“Our own ‘Unlocking Britain’s Potential’ research last year showed that many employers believe that an education system based purely on academic achievement alone, is failing to meet the needs of today’s workplace. We are therefore doing this generation a disservice if the qualification on offer doesn’t help them get that vital first step on the career ladder."

“Collectively, the Government, businesses and educators must work together and take full responsibility for developing tomorrow’s skills in line with today’s commercial needs."

“We hope that the recently announced changes to the curriculum will be matched with an increased focus on raising the necessary employability skills required for UK plc to prosper.”