Peter Searle, CEO of Adecco Group UK & Ireland views on 2013 Budget


“Today’s Budget simply doesn’t go far enough towards tackling the needs of school and university leavers who continue to struggle in their search for employment.

“Whilst this budget has made positive steps to address specialist skills gaps, and increase opportunities for apprenticeships, the Chancellor has largely ignored the huge numbers of unemployed young people whose skills and experience falls outside these ‘key’ sectors.

“What many young people lack is a foot in the door and access to the knowledge and guidance needed for what is today an ideas-led economy.

The Government needs to ensure its investment in skills isn’t focussed heavily on one or two sectors but across the skills set of all young workers hoping to enter the jobs market.

With today’s ONS stats showing one in five 16-24 years olds are out of work, more investment in core employability skills training is needed to secure Britain’s competiveness in the years ahead”.