Ask me on Tuesday

Ask me on Tuesday

Getting the most from your team every day of the week

Ever noticed things get done quicker on a Tuesday? Studies consistently show that the second day of the week is the most productive. And not surprisingly, efficiency tails off towards the tail end of the week.So how do you keep that Tuesday feeling flowing? A few small changes to your work environment can make a big impact on work ethic, keeping employees engaged, motivated and delivering every day of the week.

Keep them fired up till Friday with a few top tips.

Turn the week on its head
With a stacked-out schedule of Monday meetings to deal with, employees usually have to wait until Tuesday to tackle their to-do list. Encourage employees to pace their appointments and complete the week’s most pressing tasks before going into meeting mode. And if your team’s productivity slump is simply down to the Monday blues, introduce a little Friday fun upfront. Begin the week every now and again with a competition, short team activity or group breakfast to get things off to a more motivational start.

Know your team
No one understands your people better than you. Take time out to observe productivity patterns and pinpoint the days (or times of day) when your team needs an extra boost.

Feed their productivity
Office treats are often of the sugar-coated sort, but a recent study from Fruitful Office shows that free fruit in the workplace can help employees feel healthier, more energised and more alert. The same survey reveals more than 80 per cent of participants thought the natural treats improved their quality of life at work, made them feel more valued and encouraged them to make healthier lunchtime choices. Food for thought…

Get rid of the rubbish
Take stock of your employees’ weekly workload to ensure they’re not spending vital time and energy on ineffective tasks. Are their marketing campaigns being used? Are the reports they generate actually read? If not, why not? Aim to scrap the unprofitable jobs to make way for something more meaningful.

Provide the tools for the job
Unreliable systems, lack of information, inadequate training and restricted responsibility all get in the way of getting on with the job. While you may not be in a position to green light an overhaul of your IT systems, take a critical view of the resources available to your team and champion change if it’s needed. (That includes creating a work environment that’s conducive to calm, focused activity.)

Give focused goals and meaningful feedback
Everyone’s more productive when they know exactly what’s expected of them. Provide your team members with roadmaps to success and schedule regular reviews to ensure things stay on track. Giving praise where it’s due helps too. A pat on the back is a great way to prevent dips in productivity and is welcome any day of the week.

What’s your secret to keep your team firing on all cylinders? Any tips on keeping staff working effectively throughout the week? We’d love to hear your productivity pointers.